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Ahura Enterprise Private Limited, one of Gujarat’s leading producers and suppliers, we produce, ship, and offer our wide variety of Ahura Enterprise Private Limited for every field, be it a lodging industry or the oil and gas sectors. We work with each of the Industries to meet their prerequisites for Modular Cabins, Prefabricated Buildings, and Modular Buildings.

 Known for the absolute best quality of Porta Cabins in the market, we stand out for our broad determination of Porta Cabins and Site Containers. Becoming an unmistakable name within the Porta cab industry, we bring you back our changed scope of Products revised and modernized under the most current advances and features.

 Here, you will keep all our modern articles and businesses up to date.

 At present, we have created and sold different types of the following Porta Cabs and Containers:

 Convenient on-site offices

 Convenient accommodation cabins

 Holder Houses

 Titular Offices

 Capacity containers

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Bunk House Supplier

Our working research and development team continues to foster the latest product reach into the market with the intention of redesigning it according to market demands.

 Below is the summary of our Next Products that will be presented in the market.


 Food Truck Vans – Tow Your Food Industry

 Tank culture systems

 Parades for RENT

 Drawing on our extensive experience in the industry, we take care to offer a high-quality portable bunk bed. These barracks are developed under the principles and rules established by the industry. Ideal quality material is used to promote these items under global guidelines.


 Impervious to brutal weather


 High resistance


 Offering you a wide selection of items incorporating bunk cabin and bunk cabin.

 We are one of the organizations with a higher position that is generally concerned with providing its clients with excellent and select quality for different types of Bunk House cabins. We have a gifted group of experts who carry out these efforts in a productive manner. Besides, we offer this type of help at reasonable prices.


 Eye receiving

 Unmatched quality

 High-grade staple


 We are listed as the leading organization associated with offering decent Bunk House outreach. These are manufactured using high-quality material and a trendsetting innovation that guarantees their prevailing quality. We give them different determinations according to the needs of our clients. These are among our customers due to their prevailing quality and robustness. We deliver our items at reasonable costs.

Bunk House   , Bunk House Manufacturer , Bunk House Supplier , Bunk House Manufacturer in Gujarat , Bunk House  Supplier in India

Bunk House Manufacturer in Gujarat

As Ahura Enterprise Private Limited, we take care to offer a Bunk House Cabin. This hostel is implicit and is made by applying and following the common hosting instructions. Wood materials, heavy iron composite, and other sheet and steel materials are used to create such a hut. Besides, appreciated for its attractive plan, the hostel offers a better living environment to the owners. Furthermore, clients can enjoy this accommodation at an out-of-pocket cost.

 With the help of our caring workforce, we hosted an exhibit inside and outside Metal Bunk House. Our gifted bunkhouse is created with premium material and confusing innovation that keeps up with mechanical standards. Besides, our quality regulators watch this barrack within rigid limits to ensure its greatness. Clients can enjoy this bunkhouse for a limited time at a reasonable cost.

Bunk House Supplier in India



 Incredible invulnerable to water

 Easy transportation

 Different details:

 Made of evidence of white underground insects and fire retardant material that is equipped to withstand an unfavorable environment

Bunk House safe whether the evidence in a walled area for representative on-site accommodation, development group, brief base/war room, mining activities, versatile sleepers, and crisis or impermanent sanctuaries

 Give much less maintenance

 completed internal framing brings some comfort

 Similar comfort with effective spatial/practical utility

 The simple vehicle even in the problematic territory (by street, rail, transport)

 Ideal weight/volume development for easy care work

 We, Ahura Enterprise Private Limited, take care of assembling and exchanging a wide variety of portable cabs. The range of items offered consists of the portable cabin, portable cabin, and portable office cabin. All offered items are planned using quality-tested materials. The delivered items are appreciated within the mall for their tough development, long service life, and excellent standard, easy to use, and lightweight.

 The series of items we present incorporates a premium scope of Bunk House, Portable Cabin and Sanitation, Prefab Store and Farmhouse, and Container and Private Office, Bunk House.

 Our range of items is made with the best staples sourced from solid suppliers. The staple used by us incorporates M.S. Sheet, M.S Pipe, MDF Sheet, OSL Sheet, EPS Panel and that’s the tip of the iceberg. We are trying to uncover business inquiries.

  The scope of items accessible with us includes Category Name Product Name Bunk House Industrial Cabin Cabin Cabin Cabin Meeting Room Cabin Storage Container Lodging Cabin Portable Cabin and Sanitation Portable Cabin Portable Toilet Portable Security Cabin Portable Sanitation Restroom Portable Prefab Tent, Bunk House and Cottage Prefab Tent Prefab House Construction Prefab Cottage Prefab Container Office and Home Container House Bunkhouse Container Office.

 Remembering the main goal of enjoying the different needs of our customers, we are remembered for adding to a large Steel Bunkhouse assembly.


With the help of our caring workforce, we introduced a top-down group of Portable Bunk House. Our bunk home is created with premium material and confusing innovation that keeps up with mechanical standards. Additionally, our quality regulators watch this cabin within strict limits to ensure its greatness.



 Excellent invulnerable to water

 Easy transport


Bunk House, Portable Office Cabins , Portable Office Cabins Manufacturer , Portable Office Cabins Supplier , Portable Office Cabins Manufacturer in Gujarat , Portable Office Cabins Supplier in India

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