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Rent A Cabin


Ahura Also provides perfab solutions on lease / rent acroos the country. Units available range for site offices, accommodation units, security and gaurd house, toilates, laundry units etc.

All these facilities are available immediately on rent and ready to use within hours of unloading. There are sevral advantages in leasing over purchase. for the buyer there are no capital blockages since the lessee has to pay only the rent.

Furthermore, maintenance cost will be minimum. Also the user will be able to get complete on site logistic and support by availing of the facility.

The concept of leasing of prefab structure is likely to become popular among users due to its inherent advantages.

For the buyer there are no capital blockages since the lessee has to pay only the rent.


  1. Saving on construction time,
  2. Saving on site man power,
  3. Ready to use,
  4. Can easily be shifted to various site locations for re-use,
  5. Negligible maintenance cost,
  6. Tailor made as per your requirement,
  7. Available in different modules for your versatile needs,
  8. Can be lifted by a hydra, no need for heavy lifting equipment,
  9. One may go in for bigger cabins as there are no restrictions on size, transportation, etc.
  10. Lighting, air-conditioning, furniture, bath fittings, attachments etc. readily attached as per your requirement or may be incorporated by you,
  11. Inter-connected rooms may be created by joining 2 or more cabins,
  12. Tailor made factory / shop floor cabins in G + 1/2 floors can be installed

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