Our valued clients are free to choose a size suited best for their application. All our porta-cabins are tailor made to the inch. However we do have a few sizes which have been standardized due to their frequent requirement. The same have been listed below.
Sr. No. Length (Feet) Width (Feet) Height (Feet) Sr. No. Length (Feet) Width (Feet) Height (Feet)
1 04′ 04′ 8.5′ 11 24′ 08′ 8.5′
2 04′ 06′ 8.5′ 12 24′ 10′ 8.5′
3 06′ 06′ 8.5′ 13 24′ 12′ 8.5′
4 08′ 08′ 8.5′ 14 30′ 08′ 8.5′
5 12′ 08′ 8.5′ 15 30′ 10′ 8.5′
6 12′ 10′ 8.5′ 16 30′ 12′ 8.5′
7 20′ 08′ 8.5′ 17 40′ 08′ 8.5′
8 20′ 10′ 8.5′ 18 40′ 10′ 8.5′
9 20′ 20′ 8.5′ 19 40′ 12′ 8.5′
10 20′ 12′ 8.5′ 20 Any combination in L x W x H (G + 1 or G +2)
  • At Ahura, we also offer cabins with multiple joints (waterproof joints) to clients where a single unit may not be the ideal option. These multiple units are joined in a way that no column is seen in-between the open space of the portacabin. We have pioneered especially in these units to such an extent that 10% of our bookings are these big project offices.
  • G+1 & G+2 options are also available should you have space constraint. Such units are more practical in areas within factory workshops / premices.
  • Our customers are free to customize any design by adding or removing half / full partitions, toilets, pantry units, manager units, conference rooms, waiting area, accommodation etc.
  • All portacabins have an advanced “LIFT N SHIFT” type design which can be relocated within no time.
  • 6” or 5” C channels as base at every 4’ with 2” ISMA interwelded at every 2’ making it the strongest & most rigid base in its class (2’ x 2’ grid work).
  • In certain units we provide skid mounted cabins where there are 2 nos. 8” runner beams that are 2 mtrs apart & connected by means of channels. 3” base ISMC over the 8” beams at every 2’ & 2” angles again interconnected at 2’ (again 2’ x 2’ grid work but skid mounted)
  • 18mm / 20mm asbestos free duraboard on top of the grid structure for an unmatched superior base.
  • 1.65mm homogenous anti-scratch & anti-skid PVC carpet with wooden finish as final finished flooring.
  • We provide several options as outer wall skin viz 16SWG flush / corrugated GI sheets or 18SWG flush / corrugated GI sheets. Toilets are strictly clad with 4mm ACP panels for prevention from acidic reaction. Optionally customers may also choose from FRP sheets, PPGI sheets, cement sheets, cement wall planks, decorative all aluminum grill sheets, WPC panels etc.
  • The internal framework of the cabin is altered & designed as per the size of the cabin & loadbearing data in case of specialized portacabins. However it typically is made from hollow tube sections that are 100mm / 80mm / 40mm in load bearing ht & ~3mm to 4mm in thickness.
  • Most of our office units have 6 mm 100% waterproof pre-laminated PVC sheets with air-gap on the inside. Optionally clients may also opt for 9mm pre-laminated MDF boards / cement wall cladding panels / planks, ACP panels (recommended in panel rooms), GI sheets and aluminum sheets (recommended in kitchens) so on & so forth.
  • Cavity in between the inner & outer skins shall be filled with special high density thick insulation so as to avoid overheating of the cabin (Density range = 22kg/m3 to 100kg/m3). However, most of our cabins have 50mm thick RB slabs from Rockwool as insulation. The density of these slabs is 45kg/m3 and these are fire safe. Download the brochure from the download section to understand more about the thermal & sound insulation of these slabs.
  • Internal partitions may be provided wherever required & have the same specs.
  • The roof top is a self draining type design having thick 16 SWG / 18SWG GI sheets. Each sheet will have overlap on all sides and sheet will be fully welded using CO2 welding to prevent ingress of water. Moreover there shall be HMPS hat sections provided at each sheet joint so as to guide the water from the roof rather than preventing seepage.
  • We also have an optional “Hot Air Roof Extraction” system where the roof profile protrudes out of the side walls by an additional 9” (only along the length). This system has two or more exhaust fans sucking out hot air from the roof frame void. Thus fresh air is drawn in from one end & hot air from within the roof void is thrown out at the other hence reducing the temperature within the cabin during extreme heat conditions. Even in this type of roof frame, insulation is provided.
  • Additionally hollow tube frame to support the side GI flush sheets. The corss section of the tubes depends on the size & loadbearing calculation of the portacabin frame.
  • Like in the side walls, there is a variety of interior cladding options for the roof, the most common one being 4mm bakelite sheets. Our customers are also free to choose from ACP panels, 2’x2’ grid type ceilings, cement planks, decorative sheets, wooden planks etc.
  • Cavity in between the inner & outer skins shall be filled with special high density thick insulation so as to avoid overheating of the cabin (Density range = 22kg/m3 to 100kg/m3). However, most of our cabins have 50mm thick RB slabs from Rockwool as insulation. The density of these slabs is 45kg/m3 and these are fire safe. Download the brochure from the download section to understand more about the thermal & sound insulation of these slabs.
  • All our windows are anodized / powder coated aluminum sliding windows of 2 / 3 track according to size requirement. Our weekend homes have an option of UPVC windows from Lingel (Germany).
  • 4mm x 5mm tinted / clear glass panes for the shutters depending on window size.
  • Our most common sizes for windows are 3’ x 3’/ 4’ x 3’/ 3’ x 4’ / 4’ x 4’. However, customers are free to choose
  • Weather shades shall be provided over all windows.
  • MS safety grills (10mm sq. bar framework) shall be provided for all windows.
  • Vertical venetian blinds / curtains may be added upon request at a very nominal cost.
  • External doors shall be double skinned pressed steel with insulation (HMPS type).
  • 18SWG GI flush sheets on either side with 16SWG HMPS C section frame with horizontal & vertical stiffeners not more than 400mm apart.
  • Filled with HD insulation in between.
  • Special dyes for punching of hinges / locks for superior finish.
  • Provided with Godrej / Dorma mortise latch and door closer.
  • Weather shades shall be provided over all external doors.
  • Internal partition doors may be aluminum section type (anodized / powdercoated) or fully glass type or similar to side inner walls.
  • Dorma make panic bars provided at all emergency exit doors.
  • At ahura, we do not recommend doors made from wood of particle boards as the same swells up during excessive moisture.
  • Rolling shutters may also be provided in special cases where the portacabin is to be used as a vending shop / gas station office / store etc
  • Wiring in all portacabins shall be 220-240V AC, 50Hz unless specified otherwise.
  • All wiring shall strictly be ISI marked Finloex / Polycab; FR (fire retardant) / FRLS (fire retardant low smoke).
  • 1.0 / 1.5sq mm wires for all fan / light / 5amp. plug points
  • 2.5sq mm wires for tea-coffee vending machines / water dispensers / hot water geysers
  • 4.0sq mm wires for ACs / photo copy machines.
  • 4 / 6 / 10 / 25sq mm cables as main incomers depending on size of the portable cabin.
  • 5 amp / 15 amp switches & plug points shall be provided as per your requirement (Anchor modular type for low range cabins & Schneider modular type for higher range units).
  • Suitable no. of LED / slim tube / false ceiling fittings inside the cabin so as to maintain the lumens count to ~270 (Philips / Anchor / Hevells / Polycab).
  • Wall / oscillating grill ceiling / conventional ceiling fans provided as per your requirement. However, we consider 64min – 100max sq. ft. of floor area per fan unit (Havells / Crompton / Indoasian).
  • All internal electric circuits shall terminate at the main inlet plug adaptor. The same is provided for efficient, weather proof & leak-proof flow of current (Walther, USA / Hensel, Germany / Teknic, Germany).
  • RCCBs and MCBs are provided for additional safety (Anchor for low range units / Schneider for upscale units). All circuit breakers used are 10KA rated unless specified for higher / better KA rating.
  • Provision & external boltable stands for split ACs + electric points for ACs are provided as standard.
  • ACs shall be charged extra as per your requirement. However, we recommend Bluestar / Voltas / Panasonic
  • At Ahura, we permit 3 types of base preparation & leg arrangement upto 1½’ in height.
  • MS legs with pin arrangement for most uneven terrains
  • Fixed height MS legs to be bolted to the base of cabin
  • Compressed concrete blocks, 6” ht. so as to hoist up the cabin at relatively flat terrains & save on steel cost.
  • Ahura has quite a few options for toilets as well. Customers are free to choose from a range of attached units or stand-alone units.
  • Size & orientation may vary as these too are tailor made.
  • We are also having two models for companies that wish to donate these under CSR which are very price competitive. The same may be used as laborer toilets.
  • Flooring in toilet area shall be 16mm green marble slabs over the cement sheets. Alternatively, in common toilet spaces having rough use such as factory worker toilets, 10SWG aluminum checkered plate is given as final finished floor over the cement sheets.
  • Toilet walls remain similar PVC type / ACP to the office cabins. However our weekend homes have high end tiles for the floor & walls which are stck to the cement base walls by means of imported expandable concrete.
  • 9mm particle / MDF boards are not recommended in toilets.
  • Angle valves, mixers, 2 way bib corks etc. are provided wherever required of superior type (L&K make, Kohler for weekend homes)
  • Mirror, soap dish, napkin rod, hand faucet etc are provided.
  • All plumbing is in UPVC pipes (Finolex) & main inlet valve is also provided. CPVC for hot water lines.
  • There are options for pantry as well. Customers are free to choose from a range of simple table top units with SS sinks to lavish modular kitchen options. Furniture may be added as required. Furniture laminates used in toilets are specially chosen so as to not swell up due to exposure to water.
  • 9mm particle / MDF boards are not recommended in pantry.
  • For bigger pantry units where an entire cabin is used as the kitchen, wall panels are recommended to be clad with GI sheets / Aluminum sheets on the inside. This becomes mandatory if there is a stove within the unit. In such cases, the insulation to be used shall be LRB slabs that are 1 hour fire rated.
  • Furniture in such big kitchens shall be granite tops with SS304 framework.
  • Flooring in such big kitchens shall be 1’ x 1’ ceramic tiles or aluminum checkered plates.
  • All MS sections / tubes are thoroughly sand blasted prior to cutting & assembly.
  • Exterior (for regular containerized GI wall cladding):
    1. Matt finish UV resistant paint off white shade on top of special grade anti rust 2 pack PU paint & elastic primer from Esdee / Grand Polycoat specially recommended for GI sheets. All finish paints are marine grade.
    2. The entire outer sheet flush surface is so welded that there is no application of putty on the outside preventing peel off with the passage of time. The entire surface is pure paint only.
    3. 18SWG GI flats at sheet joints are stuck to the outer shell creating a life-long ~40% elastic joint (PU sealants from 3M)
  • Interior  :
    1. The hollow tube structure visible from inside is primed with epoxy based primer ~25microns thk. No finished paint is applied to inner shell frame.
    2. Wooden / off-white finish water proof PVC sheets with air gap screwed to the shell frame with insulation in between. Optionally; material as selected by the customer as final interior paneling
  • Standard top lifting from 4 corners by “D” shackles / slings / belts by means of in-house shed crane or hydra / hydras. Larger units (longer than 40’) may have more than 4 lifting points. It is mandatory to lift up all cabins from all lifting locations so as to avoid deformations
  • All furniture shall strictly be from treated 19mm blockboard + 1mm laminate for lifelong durability. Customers are handed over layout drawings suggesting the best furniture options possible for their specific requirement. You are free to choose from different types of workstations / conference tables / sofa set / manager sets / filing cabinets (floor or overhead) / pantry bottom storage options etc. You may also choose from a wide range of chairs ones that suit you best.
  • Use of 19mm particle board / MDF board is strictly prohibited as the same tends to swell up when exposed to water or excessive humidity.
  • Pantry / attached toilet
  • LAN / network cabling
  • Emergency lights & Voltage stabilizers
  • Window blinds / curtains
  • First aid kit
  • 1kg / 5kg fire extinguisher
ambica anchor apollow
armstrong bison cera
esdee essar everest
finolex GP hensel
kaka L&K polycab
rockwool schneider wacker